A downloadable game for Windows

Are you ready to survive and escape from the police during Quarantine?

Will you risk your life and track the delivery man in an empty city?

In Deliver2099, you and your buddy will take control of a rider and a policeman.

Compete to reach the highest score!!


Objective and controls:

- Rider: Pick and deliver packages without being caught by the police

                 Movement: [W-A-S-D]

Earn points by: Collecting and delivering packages

- Police: Follow the steps supported by police drones to catch the rider

                 Movement: [I-J-K-L]

Earn points by: Collecting holographic rider clues and trap the ruder

Each game will have two rounds. Both players will play as the Police and the Rider swapping the second round. When the two rounds are finished, the player who has collected more points at the end of the game will be the winner.



Credits | Make sure to follow us on twitter:

Victor Castellote  -  Programmer

Iván Carmona  -  Designer   -   Producer

Carlos Granados  -  Designer  -  Artist  -  Audio

Ruben Jover  -  Designer


Deliver_2099.zip 57 MB


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Any chance for controller support? It gets kinda cramped sharing a keyboard with a friend to play this. Also a single player mode would be great too